Hello, everyone, Vulpyx here!

On this website, I write about all kinds of areas of my life. Simply put, I know some stuff, so I write about them:

  • Health and Fitness: with my masters in Biology, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. When I stumble upon some “fact”, I try to see if it can be true. I try to see if it has any connections with evolution, physiology, do I have any real life examples, experiences, as well as if I or the person who came up with this (no matter who’s the person – scientist can also be wrong), isn’t simply biased with this, or just doesn’t understand the randomness of nature… . More in “Health and Fitness” section>>>.
  • Money and Employment: we all want to be free of debts, financially independent … that’s why we need to push with our money-education! I’ve been following some great financially independent people, and I’ll try to share what I’ve learned from them. Also, this section covers some online jobs like Affiliate marketing (and marketing in general), persuasion and psychometrics, trading (Forex and Binary Options), and also some online investment sites that you can check out.  More in “Money and Employment” section>>>.
  • Skills development: I adore skill and overall brain, (or if you like intelligence) developing. You’ll read some great stuff about skill development; how to be faster at learning, how skills develop, how you can progress with variations instead of repetitions, about habits, about levels of knowledge, about neuroscience, about psychology and physiology… and much more. More in “Skills development” section>>>.
  • Games: sometimes I play games, so I share some games I play; like League of Legends (LoL, Lumosity, Counter Strike (maybe). Also, I’ll share some awesome tips & tricks, so check out the “Games” section for more >>>.
  • Books: “after playing games, we should read some books”- by every proud parent. I’ve read some books that changed my life and I would like to share my experience with you. Now, as I mentioned before, I have a masters degree in Biology, so the books that changed my life are not story-based books, instead, they are more “how to…” books and more scientific books. So if you’re not into it, not a big deal, you can skip this, but only if you promise that you’ll at least see the titles! 🙂 Also, some of your friends have already heard about some of them, so stay up with the crew: know the books they read! Go “Books” section, you promised >>>.

p.s. It maybe would have been simpler to buy five different domains and separate all the sections into different websites, but for now, let’s see how this goes; I may not even have that much to talk about! cheers!