Dealing with toxic people

     Toxic people in League of Legends (lol of legends) are really often. Sometimes it can do a big damage to the team and also decrease the chances of winning the game.      Now, a person can be

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Landing Skillshots

Landing Skillshots in League of Legends can be tricky, but with some practice, it can be a real game changer. Skillshots are made so, in LoL to be worthy of landing them perfectly. Let’s just consider Ahri’s charm: can control

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My Match History Analysis – Ahri

     With Ahri I have around 50k mastery points, and I’m going to play 100+ games with her and then I’ll see if there are some progressions … So, stay tuned and follow me on this journey! 🙂  

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What Gets into Diamond      On this site: you can see that you need to be in the top 98% of the players out there to be a Diamond! That’s a heavy competition. But, 99% of players don’t even

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Step 8: Hunger For More

Seeing What Others Don’t      Education can take you far away from “casual noob”. I’ve found all the information about League of Legends on the internet (youtube), and I didn’t even play this game that much. With the right

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Step 7: Analyse Everything

Analyzing your games can be powerful in the long run. If you teach yourself to analyze games, You’ll be a real learning machine. Just stend some time each day for:       In game analyzing: The enemy laner you’re

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Step 6: Improving Chances of Winning

Here are some tips and tricks on how to increase your chances of winning the lane and the game:          Get good at lane control – already talked about this before in the laning step. This although

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