Fitness modeling

The Inspiration Behind Fitness Modelling

There are a lot of people interested in bodybuilding and fitness modeling/competition who want to find out everything they could to get educated on these careers. When going through the internet, typing in the keyword fitness modeling on the browser already shows hundreds of sites that are promotional and educational in nature. There are also sites where malwares and viruses can simply pop into your system and devour the data in it.
Eat stop eat
When reading through the different sites and links, one gets the impression that fitness modeling is not like any other type of modeling. The inspiration behind the careers is 180° different from that of fashion modeling. The fitness models are considered as the healthiest bodies around. Apparently, going into fitness modeling involves a lot of ‘junk’ sacrifices.

There are inspirational blogs on the net that provides testimonials and all of them state the same thing: they gave up all the junk in their lives to gain the healthy body that they now live in. No more smoking, no more alcohol, no drugs, eating healthy foods that do not include dairy, lots of vitamins and minerals to supplement the body, the list goes on and on.

Fitness modeling is a far cry from fashion modeling where the latest news includes 16-year-old models who starve themselves to the point of death and then get booted out of the ramp from a fashion show because she was too skinny. The main difference between fashion modeling and fitness modeling is that fashion modeling can kill because of misguided assumptions that no one can be too thin. What a world of difference.

There were some blogs on fitness modeling that actually challenged the readers on whether they want to stay alive while having a modeling career. When first reading that article, it was quite confusing what the writer was saying, but in the end, the writer said that doing a ‘body proud’ means that you take care of your body and not abuse it. Being a fitness model made the body proud because the model sacrificed all the ‘junk’ to take a chance on life.

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