Healthy You

Take a First Step Towards Healthy You

Being healthy is not easy. It includes a little hard work on the choices you make about how you eat and live.Eat stop eat

STEP#1 Set Your Goals and Change Your Mind

Realize that you have the power to change your life by changing your mind set. We all have the ability to choose our paths, reach our goals, but build exceptional lives. The challenge is in BELIEVING you can.

Once you have identified your limitations, you can determine which physical activities are most important for you to perform. Take some time to think, imagine it and then write it down! To make permanent change, you’ll need to set long term and short term goals then create and write down your action plan to achieve them.

STEP#2 Build a Support System

Support system is great part of a healthier lifestyle that often overlooked in your mental and emotional health. Support system does not have to just be there to cheer you on or make you happy for good times, but be a good friend who can help you meet your long term goals.

STEP#3 Make Fitness Plan

Feeling good and leading a long and healthy life are things most of us want and there’s a lot we can do to increase the chance that we’ll have them. The beneficial effect- Exercises are PROVEN! You are never too old or too young to get healthy life.

Physical activity can help people at any stage of life. Improved health provides benefits, regardless of age, gender or current fitness level. Benefits of physical activity and exercise include:

  • Better Health
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased efficiency of lungs and heart
  • Enhanced Sense of Well-Being
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduced tension
  • Improved ability to cope with stress
  • More energy

STEP#4 Nourish You and Make Healthier Choices

Eat Food- Real wholesome food. Vegetables, fruits, eggs, whole milk, curd, lentils, nuts, legumes and rice.

  • Do not skip a meal or eat just enough to keep you happy till the next meal. Eat only when you are feeling hungry. Stay calm and eat smartly because good food is just a few minutes away.
  • Restock your fridge. Since you cannot eat what is not there, dump all junk foods in your cupboards immediately. Make room for nutritious, vegetables, energy-boosting fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. Stock up those ingredients which give small size snack packages of carrots, nuts, yogurt and sprouts.
  • Drink More Water- Being hydrated is essential to live a healthier life.
  • Aim for about 8-12 glasses clear per day.
  • When body is not hydrated you may feel variety of side effects that may not only affect your health but how you’re feeling as well.
  • Dehydration may give headaches, afternoon fogginess and fatigue.

STEP#5 Get More Sleep

Sleep will help you achieve your aim. Getting more sleep will help you feel relaxed and make you active for next morning. It gives your body more time to rejuvenate itself as well! Take sleep of 7-9 hours each night and turn off all electronics, turn off all lights and things that make noise.

This will make you sleep better.

STEP#6 Manage Stress

Unhealthy habits and stress go hand in hand, and stress can take its toll. Stress lists dozens of symptoms including depression, headaches and sleep problems. Explore stress-relieving techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation and time for yourself.

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