Fitness for Busy Professionals

Fitness for Busy Professionals

My official weigh-in last Monday was a complete surprise to me… 184.5 lbs and I am beyond happy of finally being below 185 lbs.
Eat stop eat
However, I am definitely self-sabotaging myself. Why? Since I’m losing weight, I tell myself that I can allow myself some liberties and I didn’t workout this week yet and I’ve been drinking Coca-Cola more than I should. Only to realize this morning that I’m back up to 186 this morning, a part from always being bloated – which is not only a consequence of soft drinks, but also stress from work.

The training part is killing me but I have to remember 2 things:

1. Last Saturday, I went to my karate class and I’ve noticed that my cardio has improved tenfold due to my almost 3 weeks of constant HIIT using Cardio Coach. I didn’t get tired as quickly as I usually do. After 45 minutes of classes, my kicks were still flying high and strong. I just realized that I need to stretch more often.

2. I had my weekly squash game yesterday and I went the full hour ALL OUT! I ran like a madman and I was able to keep up. Sadly, I twisted my knee halfway through, but condition/cardio wise, I was doing great!

I also wanted to share with you a nice dream I had last night. No no, it’s nothing erotic or anything of this sort.

I dreamt that I was in Japan and wanted to train with the best Kendo Master in world. In order to enter the group, I needed to prove myself. So, armed only with y tonfas, I was able to destabilize and eventually win the contest… only to be told by one of the senior students that I had heart, power and dedication, and I can make a great martial artist. All I needed, was more discipline.

It was a cool dream because it’s one of those things that gave me a lot of self-confidence and I woke up quite proud of myself. Seriously, I wish I able to record my dreams to remember it and use it a confidence booster. The other thing about this dream is that it sent me a clear message that I needed to be more disciplined, not only in fitness, but also, in all my areas of life, if I want to achieve success.

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