Tantric exercises that improve sexual health

Tantric exercises that improve sexual health

There are many factors that are important for the improvement of your sexual health and one of them that is usually ignored, perhaps out of ignorance is the health of your anal area. There is a series of exercises that can be done together and that will help improve your anal and finally sexual health when they are done together with some specific breathing exercises.

Importance of tantric exercises

Eat stop eatTantric exercises combined with well-programmed breathing exercises are important because they among other things assist in the following ways:

  • Stimulation of important physiological functions of the anal and genital area
  • Rectifying any anatomical challenges and related muscle weaknesses of the anal area and genital region.
  • Enhancing one’s sexual abilities and libido.
  • The ability to revitalize the entire body by stimulating healthy responses that are spread upwards following the spinal cord.
  • Energizing the respiratory tract by stimulating its functions and in the process opening the airways and preventing related diseases and infections.
  • Perhaps these exercises are the best way to begin the day or the last bit of exercise that should be done just before going to bed.

Pose #1 – Stand on hands and knees on the floor

The first pose begins with you standing on your hands and knees on the floor with you leaning backward with your butt moving back towards your feet and then you stretch your arms ahead of you. Begin by exhaling and then inhale deeply so that your lungs are filled with air and then hold your breath for a while. Try thereafter to squeeze your anus pulling the anal opening as far inwards as you possibly can without straining and then release the anal muscle and do a few reps of this exercise that you will find not to be exhausting at all. You may do well to have 3 -5 reps only being careful not to hold too long for your body to run out of oxygen.

Pose #2 – Lie on your back on the carpet

The second pose begins with lying on the floor with all your muscles relaxed and then you exhale. Squeeze the anal muscles as you exhale slowly pulling inwards as deeply as you can without straining. Inhale and do between 3 – 8 reps but remember you will not get exhausted as you do this exercises.

Breathing exercise

For your breathing exercises, you will need to begin by sitting on the pillow on the floor with crossed legs and your back held straight. Exhale and empty your lungs completely before counting up to four. Breathe in gently and try to do it in three stages proceeding smoothly after each stage. You will need to try using the diaphragm so as to let your tummy bulge then fill up your lungs using the chest muscles so that you finally finish using your shoulders. Try holding your breath to a count of 16 then exhale slowly to the count of 8.

Finish off the tantric and breathing exercises by relaxing completely for about 5 minutes so that your body recovers. Repeat this exercise often and in a little while, you will discover that you have strengthened muscles in your genital area.

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