Fitness and Fast Food

Fitness and Fast Food

Before this past weekend I can’t recall the last time I ate at a fast food restaurant. It had to have been over two years ago. There are a few reasons that I don’t frequent these places; well, a lot of reasons, but I won’t go into a rant on that topic.

A week or so ago I was hit with a craving for Burger King. Back in high school, my buddies and I would fly down the road on our lunch break, which was 20 minutes away from work. We’d order burgers, fries, and shakes, and literally put the “fast” in fast food, and shovel the stuff in while speeding back in time to clock back in. Man was that some good stuff. McDonald’s and Wendy’s had nothing on Burger King. Ok, Wendy’s has the Frosty, but that’s it.

This weekend it happened. My wife and I were driving around and I decided to stop at BK for some lunch. We ordered and sat down, both somewhat giddy with excitement. Yet, we felt somewhat awkward, like we’d just sat down at the outcast’s lunch table. Something just felt different. My wife read my mind when she said, “I feel like we’re cheating.” Well, we weren’t cheating per se, but it sure did feel weird sitting down in BK.Eat stop eat

Then the fun began, or so I thought it would, as I reminisced about those speedy lunch breaks back in the day. The burger was soggy and not at all good. I mean, I eat burgers just about every day that are way better, ala George Foreman. The fries were still pretty good, but I’ll often pick up some Chipotle-flavored Sweet Potato fries from MOM’s Organic Market, which are way better.

Then it really hit me, in more ways than one. First, before I finished, I kept asking myself why exactly I wanted to come here. Usually if we are out and about, we’ll head on over to Panera Bread. That place has great prices, speedy service; but it also tastes so much better. Then it literally hit me. I felt like I had a brick in my stomach. That’ll teach me, but at least I got the craving for fast food out of my system.

I realize most of the population isn’t going to avoid fast food places, so if you go often, try to pick something on the menu that will actually provide your body with some nourishment. If you want to avoid fast food joints completely, that’s where being prepared is your best option. Make meals in advance. Choose one or two days a week where you cook up a bunch of meat on the Foreman, cut up veggies and store them in Ziploc baggies. Choose food that is portable like nuts, fruit, protein shakes, etc. If you are on the road a lot, look into getting a small cooler to hold your meals while you’re sans kitchen. My wife found a great foldable cooler/heating bag, kinda like the ones the pizza delivery guy carries, for less than $10 at Costco.

Or perhaps look into the services of a Fitness Chef. My wife currently has two spots open for those with busy schedules and want someone to prepare delicious tasting meals that are good for you too. In conjunction with me as a Nutrition Coach, I can specifically tailor your meal selections based upon your goals. Think of it as Jenny Craig or Nutri-System, but far better tasting, healthier, specific to your individual fitness goals, and oh yeah, is fresh enough not to be stored in your pantry.

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