Kettlebell Workouts for Fighters

Kettlebell Workouts for Fighters

Invented over 300 years ago, the kettlebell has been a staple in strongmen competitions and has now been popularized in modern exercise. The key to success in kettlebell exercise is the focus completely on the exercise and motion being performed. MMA fighters in all fighting organizations are starting to utilize the Russian secret to increase maximum strength and explosive power. Eat Stop Eat Author

A kettlebell MMA fighter’s routine utilizes a round timer, a kettlebell and a heavy bag. The kettlebell should preferably be bigger in weight, 24kg or more, depending on the strength and weight of the MMA fighter. The MMA fighter will alternate timed between rounds on the heavy bag and active recovery with kettlebell swings during the rest times.

The heavy bag rounds consist of 3 – 5 minutes active work on a heavy bag. The timed round should simulate the competition time. After the round is completed a 1 minute active rest is given to the MMA fighter. During this time the MMA fighter will swing the kettlebell between his legs and up to his chest without stopping.

The kettlebell swing is a staple of kettlebell world and is the foundation for all advanced kettlebell exercises. The kettlebell swing is performed in a squat with a football hike back fashion. The legs explosively lock out in the stand up position, and the kettlebell swings out and up to chest level. The kettlebell swing is a compound exercise that works the core, lowerback, quads, hams, glutes and grip strength. The total body exercise this movement provides is quite beneficial to MMA fighters.

The active rest or active recovery portion will teach the MMA fighters body to work hard during the 3 – 5 minute rounds but also teach the body to actively recover and rest even if put under pressure. The maximum exertion expelled will also help the fighter to press through even the greatest amount of fatigue.

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