Five techniques to a more powerful Abs

Five Techniques To a More Powerful Abs

If you thought that you are condemned to do crunches in order for you to develop powerful Abs then you better think again. You may be intent on building a six pack and those regular crunches have got you tired and you are looking for an alternative that will still give you results.

Simplicity does the trickEat Stop Eat Author

When you realize that crunches are not working for you all you need to do is replace them with something else that could be as simple as aerobics and as long as it delivers results, you get off lying on that riding bench once and for all. But simple aerobic will not just work and as such you need to learn these simple five techniques for powerful Abs.

The problem with common crunches

Crunches may be common but apart from the fact that they don’t always work to deliver results, there is always the risk of one developing complications on the lower back or the spine. Many people end up with perennial back pain as a result of doing crunches consistently and this is something you can and should avoid at all costs. Those crunches usually cause the doers to perform what is known as spinal flexion where the disks in your vertebrae get compressed.

Get your personal metabolic rate

Building powerful Abs does not necessarily have to be done in a gym because the five techniques for powerful Abs can actually be done from your own home. You only need a good training program and in less time that bodybuilders need to spend on crunches, you will have developed something that you have always desired to but without success. Following below are the best five techniques for powerful Abs.

  1. Stability ball rollouts: You are bound to stretch your muscles better and faster with stronger contractions without necessarily putting your spine at risk with stability roller balls in the place of crunches.
  2. A plank with arms on the ball: according to a recent research that was quoted in the popular Men’s Health magazine you are 30% better off using a plank with arms on the ball in building your Abs instead of crunches.
  3. X- Body mountain climbers: Instead of bicycle crunches you can easily use this entire body workout that helps develop your obliques and also benefit heavily by getting stability and abdominal endurance in a way that won’t hurt your lower back.
  4. Stability ball jackknives: Working and building up your lower Abs and obliques work perfectly well with this exercise using a stability ball while you strengthen your back giving you abdominal endurance and leave alone those stressful reverse crunches.
  5. Hanging knee-ups: In the place of those sit-ups you may want to do hanging knee ups which will still give you very enticing results. The other alternative is to try chin-ups together with knee-ups because they will produce similar results on your Abs and you can be sure to enjoy building powerful Abs.   

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