Overcoming The Fear of The Gym

Overcoming The Fear of The Gym

Each and every one of us has found a reason to skip leg day or stay in bed an extra hour in the morning instead of dragging your behind to the treadmill or gym class, but how about the actual fear that some people have of the gym itself?Eat Stop Eat Author

This fear can trigger many people to find other excuses to not hit the gym. I have heard so many gorgeous girls say “ I will start the classes once I am in better shape” or “I need to lose some weight before I can start coming to the gym”… HUH!? Gyms are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, so why must we feel uncomfortable to attend? They have a bad rap because they are filled with the ‘fit people’, right? WRONG!

They are filled with people chasing their own fitness goals, whatever they may be, but in no way different to the same reason YOU are walking through those scary sliding doors! So, if your goals are important to you, and you just can’t figure out what to do next, try out some of these tips to overcome your fear of the G-Y-M!

Avoid peak hour

If you have the option that is! If there is an opportunity for you to head to the gym in a slower time of the day, this can give you a little bit extra confidence (and time) to tackle the machines without feeling pressured to move on quickly and avoid having to wait awkwardly for a machine to become available.

Make an attendance goal!

This is a great way to reward yourself when you can achieve your goal each week or month. Make sure it’s realistic, but decide on a certain number of visits to the gym each month and once you have achieved this, reward yourself with some extra cash for some new gym clothes, or a trip to the cinema (hold the popcorn)!

Talk to a trainer

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if you feel unsure about how to use the equipment which makes you fear to try any of the machines out, make an appointment to see a personal trainer or have a chat with a trainer when they are free. You can request a casual session on learning specific machines, including how to set them up, what weights you should do, and what machines are best for you to achieve your goals. This will save time, confusion, and give you a boost in confidence to do a workout by yourself.

Attend a class

Classes provide you with a social environment to have fun while meeting new people. If you are training at a gym that offers circuit classes opt for this class; you don’t need to worry about people watching you, as each person gets a different exercise. You can work at your own fitness level in these kinds of classes. Try out the booty workshop and fat blast classes!

Just remember, every other person in the gym is actually there for the same reasons as you! They want to get in shape, or achieve their own fitness goal! Don’t compare yourself to any one else at the gym! Just like you shouldn’t do so in life.

You are where you are, and just being at the gym means your goal is important enough for you to take on the challenge and achieve your everything! So get going girls!

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