Life Without Sugar

Life Without Sugar

Today we start day 1 of 30 days of creating a life without sugar, which we believe is our first step towards achieving profound health.

Below we have outlined the three basic phases of this process.

Before you can choose which phase to start with, we highly encourage you to sit down and write out a list of ALL the products you are currently consuming that contain processed sugars or chemical sweeteners.

Once this list has been created, then you can decide which phase you are in.

Phase 1: eliminate and/or replace 1-3 of your usual sugar-filled drinks or treats with a no refined sugar, no chemical sweetener equivalent. For example: replace your soda with a glass of sparkling water with freshly squeezed fruit juice.Eat stop eat

The trick here is to be 100% honest with what you’re drinking and eating and then be willing to make a better choice. Keep it simple and make it achievable by choosing only 1-3 things. That way you can easily move forward once you feel like it’s no longer a challenge to keep those things out of your habitual consumption.

Phase 2: you’ve already removed sugary drinks and you’re ready to get sugar out of your daily life. This means getting all the sneaky sugars OUT. Go through your fridge and pantry, check the ingredients of every package for added sugars, remove what you know you can part with and replace whatever you can’t part from with a no-added-sugar equivalent. For example: replace your bagged sandwich bread with real, homemade bread from the farmers’ market or from a local bakery like the Yellow Deli….of course pick one with no sugar!

Phase 3: you’ve worked through removing sugar from your regular diet,  but maybe you’re eating more desserts and treats than you know is good for you. We invite you to take a 30-day break from sugar. 🙂 It’ll feel so good.

Remember you need to take an honest look at where you are and ask yourself what you’re willing to do. There are no right or wrong starting points. We are all at different places in our journey, so be compassionate with your Self, but at the same time don’t bullshit your Self 😉

Name it to tame it – once you have chosen your starting phase, write it down!!! 

What you are releasing ??

Why did you choose this particular item ??

How are going to release it – Are you replacing it with something else ??

The more detailed you can be, the greater the chance you will have for long term success.

Be sure to join our sugar support group to name what you’re going to attain in this 30 days of creating a life without sugar. Change is much easier when you have others in your corner. So join the group, share your struggles, share your successes. Believe in your Self and in others!

BUT remember there is one rule; you are not allowed to say, “I can’t”.  EVER.

You can do anything and everything you put your mind to and back by action, but there is no place in life when being a victim is ever OK. If you don’t want to do something then don’t, just own it. It’s OK. But to say you can’t do something is totally unacceptable.

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