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A Strong Grip Is Key to Submission Moves

A strong grip is the key thing to submission moves. What is the definition of a submission move? The answer is that it is a move that one opponent applies to the other shocking their limbs in wherever the submission move is places trying to make the other opponent tap out. In this article, I am going to discuss why a strong grip is needed to apply and execute successful submission moves.Eat stop eat

As was stated before, a strong grip is needed for submission moves; this is because the stronger your grip is, the more your opponent’s limbs will be shocked when you are trying to execute the submission move and this will cause them to tap out. There are quiet a few ways that you can strengthen your grip.

Having strong wrists and thumbs in my opinion is among the top things to obtain when you are trying submission moves, the reason being for the wrist is that you might have the strength in your hands to hold on, but if your opponent makes a sudden move, your wrist strength would not be able to handle the quick movement and this can cause you to lose the match. There are a few workouts that you can do to strengthen your wrists, to mention one is to do wrist curls with a weight or dumbbell. As for the strength in your thumb, it is because it helps you grasp on to an opponent and of course the most important use of a thumb in submission is to inflict pain on your opponents pressure points, to workout your thumb I would advise when you are doing your lifts to keep pressure on your thumb on the bar.

As for your hands and finger strength, those are important as well, they should be like iron, as you probably know without strong hands, once things get tough in the match, you will end up letting go of your opponent and they will be able to take advantage of that weakness. Luckily there are
quiet a few ways that you can exercise your hands and fingers, the easiest way is to purchase the hand grippers and just keep squeezing them, this will also workout your forearms another good way is to do curls while your finger tips are taking on most of the weight.

A strong grip is key while trying to apply submission moves, after this article you should be able to understand why; the stronger your grip is the more effective you will be.

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