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Buying Equipment for Home Gym

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The home gym on the link actually appears to be a fairly decent piece of equipment. I’ve definitely seen a lot worse in terms of home gyms. To answer your question I would say that the home gym will likely be cheaper than buying everything separately, however, you also run the risk of getting bored with your home gym due to lack of variety. With individual pieces such as a bench and some dumbbells, the number of different exercises you could do is staggering.Eat stop eat

If you’re looking to get cheap equipment individually, you’re going to have to buy used. That doesn’t have to mean though poor equipment. Here are some buying tips that could land you a deal.

Look for liquidation auctions in your local newspaper or go on a search engine and look up the city that you live in. There are many cases of gyms that go out of business due to lack of funding and liquidate all of their assets. You can score some pretty good equipment for decent prices at these auctions unless you’re competing against other gym owners.

Watch out for seizure auctions. Sometimes when the police make arrests on stolen merchandise, or if for instance, a person forgets to make their payment at a storage locker, the equipment is auctioned off. These will be a little harder to find, but if you do, sometimes you can end up being the only person who shows up and get some quality goods for super cheap.

Contact your local colleges and high schools and ask them what they do with their old equipment. Many colleges especially update their equipment every few years. The old stuff is still in great shape and if you can secure a deal you could get some equipment for a nice price.

Finally, check yard sales and garage sales. North Americans spend over a billion dollars a year on sports equipment, and many times the aspiration to work out fizzles and people want to unload their equipment. Be sure to test out the goods before purchase to make sure they are in good shape.

I hope this answers your question. The home gym is always a decent alternative should you not have the time or patience to invest elsewhere. Good luck with your purchase!

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