Common treadmill walking mistakes

Common Treadmill Walking Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Most people doing cardio exercises nowadays will spend a bit of their training time at a treadmill working out. You can get great benefits walking or running the treadmill but when not careful your joy can be cut shot because of some common treadmill mistakes. The important thing one must remember has especially to do with proper posture and walking form so that you avoid injuries and straining as well as walking without any hassles.

Be safe at the treadmill

Eat stop eat

Mistake 1: Mounting the treadmill

If you want to be safe on the treadmill you must learn that it is dangerous to get onto the treadmill while the belt is moving at full throttle. The best practice requires that you begin your exercise while the treadmill is moving slowly with each one of your feet standing on both sides of the mill. After starting the treadmill on a very low speed you will observe it carefully before getting on and once you are on you can then increase the speed progressively and smoothly.   You must as a matter of fact know where the emergency stop is just in case you need to use it. You want to avoid being injured when jumping onto the mill or being jerked by the belt once you have stepped on it.

Mistake #2: Holding onto the hand rails

Many people get injured when using the treadmill by attempting to secure themselves by holding on the hand rails once they are on the treadmill. The trouble with trying this feat stems from that fact that this is not the natural way for anyone to walk or run. You will not be able to coordinate you foot and arm motions while holding onto the rails so as to achieve a natural stride. You must of necessity learn how to let go of the hand rails even if this meant running or even walking at slower paces in your beginning sessions until you are completely confident that you can run or walk without holding on the hand rails.   The people who may have to hold on to the hand rail are perhaps those who have any disability or stability issues but if you are one such person, be sure to speak to the trainer who will advice you appropriately.

Mistake #3 – Treadmill entertainment

Most people end up developing a bad posture because of treadmill entertainment such as when they try to hunch their shoulders in order to watch a video or read a magazine while on the treadmill. You do want to reinforce this poor posture just for the sake of entertainment. The best walking position for walking is with you head up and eyes looking straight ahead. However, if you must have some form of treadmill entertainment you need to position you video or reading material in such a way that you will be looking straight ahead of you instead of up or down.

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