Exercise ball

Abs Workout Using an Exercise Ball

Using an exercise ball can be a great source of fun that sometimes people forget they are actually doing a workout and many Pilate’s teachers have used them to rehabilitate patients with hip, knee and back injuries. After using them for some time patients end up regaining a large amount of strength, control, and balance. Even sitting on the ball alone is very effective in assisting one to maintain good health for their spine. The secrets should be about the way you get forced to maintain your posture as the ball rolls forcing you to stay on your toes as you try to maintain your balance. The results are usually loss of back pain and stiffness especially those that are caused by living a sedentary life.

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Abs workouts using exercise ball

If you plan some Abs workouts using exercise ball you may be interested in buying your own ball that could be used at home. You need to know that they come in different sizes so that you choose the correct size; this is one where you will be able to sit on it and balance your feet well on the ground. Selecting the right size of a fitness ball, therefore, depends on your height:

  • 55 centimeters if you’re under 5 feet tall
  • 65 centimeters if you’re between 5 feet and 5 feet 7 inches tall
  • 5 centimeters if you’re between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • 85 centimeters if you’re over 6 feet 2 inches tall

Doing abdominal curlsEat stop eat

Abs workouts need to be combined with correct cardio training where you get to burn some fats. You may want to begin by doing abdominal curls on your big ball. Look for a deep abdominal scoop in order to manage to stabilize the ball and if you manage that then you can be sure that nothing else will be so challenging in using a fitness ball for Abs workouts. A good working tip is to have your pelvis as far from the ball as possible. Better curls are done when you try walking your feet away from the ball in order to bring your shoulders in contact with the ball.

The exercise

Just be careful to put your hands behind your back and make your chest as firm as possible they exhale making sure that you have squeezed your buttocks and pulled your navel in. then slowly raise your head so that just your shoulder blades leave the ball while rolling your hips downwards and your upper body upwards. For the greatest benefits of this exercise, you will try and move slowly while avoiding bouncing up and down. Repeat the exercise about 8 times making sure that you control your breathing throughout the exercise.

Precautionary dos and don’ts

For best results, you will need to take heed that you:

  • Don’t hurt your neck by letting the weight of your headrest on your hands giving enough space for a tangerine between the neck and the chin and
  • Do your best to pull your belly in so much that your lower back lies flat on the ball and also avoid being on a neutral spine as you commence the exercise.

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