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Making Money With Neobux: Is it Worth it?

Neobux Has a Good Reputation

One of the most popular PTC site (paid to click), Neobux has been around for ages and has a good history of paying quickly.Rich PTC kid V2

It offers daily ads to click and offers to complete, all in exchange for small amounts of cash. But even though it is very popular with some people, a lot of people are not convinced that it is worth the time or effort.

Ads – Making money for clicking adverts with Neobux seems like a no-brainer right? Well, it kind of is, but that depends on how much you value your time? You get from 0.001 to 0.1 cents for clicking the ads, and the bigger the reward, the longer the advert. But the ads can take quite a long time and I have calculated that it’s roughly an hours worth of clicking the 0.05 cent ads for about 40 cents, and that’s not a wage most people would be happy with.

I tend to click ads when I have literally nothing else to do or to get me up to a payment threshold, otherwise it’s really not worth your time if there is something more profitable you can do.

Offers – You can earn more from offers than clicking advertisements, but you have to remember to get screenshots and proof of every single offer that you complete in case it doesn’t credit. And there will be quite a few times an offer won’t credit and you will need to contact the admin on the page you were working on.

Don’t even attempt this without a bucket load of proof as you will just get sent the same “send me some screenshots” message. Also, offers that pay in coins take 60 days for validation until the funds are released, personally I think this is excessive.

Radio – Just don’t bother… half of the time it doesn’t even load and the CAPTCHA comes up around every 45 minutes, and it can be really slow and it’s not worth the hassle for 2 cents per hour!

Surveys – Again, screenshots, but the surveys are fairly profitable when you do qualify. But they are also very frustrating when you don’t, but I guess the same can be said of any survey site.

Referrals – I have never referred anyone to the site, but Neobux has a famous and well-respected referral program.

Payment – Payment with PayPal had always been fast, in fact, I was always paid on the same day I cashed out. But since July 2017, you can no longer cashout through PayPal. Neobux admin stated that PayPal had done this as a precaution because another site had been scamming people and they didn’t want to associate themselves with PTC sites anymore. So I will let you know how quick payment is with another processor.

Is it worth your time? No, not unless you can refer a lot of people to Neobux. Clicking the ads is pretty much a waste of time and you will probably spend more time chasing payment for an offer than you do completing it so I can say that there are much better ways to make money. But, if you can master, create an automated way to get direct referrals, then, by all means, feel free to do Neobux!

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