8 Body Weight Exercises For Shredding Fat and Building Muscle

8 Body Weight Exercises For Shredding Fat and Building Muscle

Training with your own body weight will help with balance, coordination, stability, mobility, and re-activeness. You will learn to be in more control of your body, and understand how your body reacts to different movements. Here’s a list of various body weight exercises that will greatly boost your current workout routine!

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WIDE GRIP PULL-UPS. Performing pull-ups with a wider grip and your palms facing away from you, the muscles you use will differ slightly from chin ups and neutral grip pull-ups. Normally, this is the most difficult variation for people as well. Gradually spread your hands wider and wider as you progress, without overly torquing your shoulders. This will allow you to focus more on building width to your back, and the V-Shape you have always dreamed of!

PUSHUPS. There are tons of varieties of push-ups to do, but you should always concentrate on the most basic one first. Work on perfecting your form, and try to add at least one more push up every time you do them. If you have your elbows in, your triceps which will be more engaged than if your hands are wider. Changing hand positions differently, but the concept is still the same!

CLAP PUSHUPS. As I was saying before, there are many varieties of push-ups that you can do. Clap push ups are a relatively simple variation, but with huge additional benefits! Not only do they work on explosiveness, but they will also help increase your coordination. You might be faced with planting yourself into the floor if you don’t catch yourself, so be careful when you try them for the first time! Before doing clap push ups, make sure you can do a decent amount of regular pushups with good form!Eat stop eat

JUMP SQUATS. great way to work your lower body is jumping and squatting. Combining these two together gives you a perfect mix, the jump squat! Make sure you bring your butt as close to the ground as possible and explode upwards by reaching as high as you can when you jump. Try to keep this movement in a fluent motion when you are doing a set, and not resting between repetitions. Otherwise, you won’t get the full effect.

BURPEES. Burpees, overall, are the best body weight exercise you can do.Burpees integrate a push-up, with jump squat; and even possibly with pull-ups as well! Sprawl to the floor, perform a pushup, jump up to a pull-up bar, and perform a pull-up; then repeat. Not only is it great for muscular development, but it’s a great cardiovascular workout as well. You can do these without the pull up for just as good of an exercise as well!

INVERTED ROW. If you’re having trouble performing pull ups, the inverted row is a great alternative. It is a great way to build up the muscle to help to perform other movements such as pull ups. Make sure you’re keeping your back straight, and pulling yourself up as high as possible. Inverted rows are excellent for your biceps, and back muscles; while also working your core exceptionally hard.

PLANKA. plank is a great core workout, but it will also work on your shoulders, triceps, and chest as well. The problem with planks is that people tend to be lazy with their lower back and have it either too high up or sagging low. Make sure your back is straight! You’ll feel a major difference and you won’t be hurting your lower back. Planks are great for defining your abdominals, and building functional core strength!

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