Step 8: Hunger For More

Seeing What Others Don’t

     Education can take you far away from “casual noob”. I’ve found all the information about League of Legends on the internet (youtube), and I didn’t even play this game that much. With the right mindset and available information out there, you can achieve a great level of skills.     Your next goal is just to recognize those skills you don’t have and find the way to master them.

The Greed is Good

     You need to get more aware of things happening in the game. Not all is “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get). Be ready to take some time learning steps here, and even go beyond. Don’t be satisfied with Diamont, go Challenger. I truly don’t think that you need to be 24/7 on LoL so that you can achieve that level of skill, but with some smart practice…
     Aim for an “EXPERT” level. I challenge you to watch montage youtube videos and get inspired by each good move and try to copy it in each game. Never be afraid to fail, my friend – try a diet of 30% failing and 70% of succeeding!!
    Example, when I feel stuck, just watch some videos like this:
    So, to finish this tutorial, and start a new chapter in your League of Legends career, go:

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