Step 7: Analyse Everything

Analyzing your games can be powerful in the long run. If you teach yourself to analyze games, You’ll be a real learning machine. Just spend some time each day for:

      In game analyzing:

  • The enemy laner you’re facing, is he good? Can you defeat him? Can you roam? Is he batting you? …
  • Who’s pro this game? Who’ll carry? Should you stay with him (teammate)? Should you focus him more (enemy)?
  • Who’s bad this game? Will he feed? Should you help him more (teammate)? Should you focus him more (enemy)?

     Analyzing your games:

      1)  Ask yourself some basic questions, and write down or just create a mental note:
  • What did I do wrong this game? How many times did I die stupidly?
  • Enemy team, what did they do right/wrong?
  • On what should I focus more next time?
  • My teammates? Should I’ve communicated more with them? Was I harsh or supportive, or maybe too harsh or too supportive, then I should’ve been?


      2)  Notice and remember your repeating mistakes! Next game focus on eliminating them!

      Analyzing videos on youtube or

  • Recognizing the teamfighting fazes!
  • See what are those players doing in the laning phase? Anyone good at changing stances? Does he roam well? Ganks?
  • Who is winning the warding (vision) game?
  • Can you connect this tutorial to that game?


    Caution: don’t get all paralyzed by analysis here:
Everything in moderation!
     We good? Next:

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