Step 6: Improving Chances of Winning

Here are some tips and tricks on how to increase your chances of winning the lane and the game:

         Get good at lane control – already talked about this before in the laning step. This although comes with experience, you should consider playing normals solo for practicing:
  • trading well and landing skill shots,
  • freezing the lane, then pushing the lane,
  • being so good that you can zone-out your opponent so that he/she can’t CS,
  • back timing – timing when to go back to base, when to stay and farm…video:
* * *
     Win The Map Vision Game – most people forget to do this, but this wins games. You avoid getting ganked and stepping into bushes where enemy waits for some easy kills. You must win the vision game. This separates into two things:
  1. Warding the map, you and your teammates with pink and yellow (free) wards. If you see no wards on the map, try to tell then constructively to ward. If they refuse or ignore you, just “GG” and consider the rest of the game as a gamble, and try to master one of the steps in this tutorial 🙂 . This is also applied to supports that don’t buy the ward item, and
  2. Sweeping wards, for decreasing the vision of the enemy team. Again if support doesn’t have the sweeper after you asked him like for the 10th time, just buy the damn sweeper, and maybe he’ll buy it after you when he sees the importance of it.
(watch from 23:39 to 58:30)
* * *
     Getting Fed – by taking all the kills, have a good CS, and a lot of gold, you’re getting fed. You get fed by mastering the game (this whole tutorial). Now, when players get fed, they do it wrong:
  • “I’m carrying this game” – NO!
  • “Report my team for feeding” – NO!
  • “I do all the work around here” – NO!
  • “I go solo from now on” – NO!
  • “I have so many kills so I can afford to die a few times” – OMG NO!!
     Listen, you have the kills and you have the gold, so you’re in full build, but you’re not the assassin or ADC. Well, that’s the problem: The ones that should do the damage, are not in full built and you expect them to do their job. Don’t be that guy. This means you should help your teammates develop. It’s kinda easier for you to get fed, because most of the tanks/fighters are low skill requirement (you may argue this, but let’s not focus on this now). For them, it’s harder because the more damage they do, the squishier they get (as the game progresses).
     I see this all the time: while the team is into teamfight mode, the tanky and the fighters go and farm the jungle, clear waves and at the end of the game, they have something like 10/5/2 and 250+ CS, but his assassin and ADC teammates have the reverse 5/10/10 and less the 200 CS. You feel good about yourself, but guess what: YOU ARE THE REASON WHY YOU LOST! So if you want to win, don’t be egocentric fed person that blames. Use your fed-ness to help your teammates develop, and soon enough, you’ll start winning more! 🙂

     But don’t get me wrong, if you don’t get fed early game, sometimes, you won’t be able to help them, because you’re as easy killed as they’re. Balance is the key here!. Also, if you play normals, I mean who cares then! x)

* * *

     Just don’t die – this should be clear: don’t do one for one kills (you kill one but you also die). Also, it’s important not to die when you’re fed, and have like 5/0/-, than it’s especially important not to die, because the enemy gets more shared gold for “Shot Down”-s!

I think it’s best that, when your team is losing, you go only for the sure kills, and when you’re winning, then you can increase your risks!

* * *
     This step was big, but more of a theoretical, something to think about and apply. When ready, go:

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