Step 5: Items & Champions

Learn Items

     Yes. You should learn most of the items. Well sometimes, you’re an assassin, and you need a tanky item. But you don’t know any. Yes, this is (was) me. Basically, I only built the recommended. Ok, you can do that also, you can find builds on mobafire.. but it’s better to learn them all, and be able to build your own builds, depending on each game. Don’t be scared to experiment!

     Ok, to make this simple, try to memorize one-two items daily, but not just the name, and when to build it, but stats and that passive/active text in the bottom. 

Learn Champions

     When playing Ahri, I was so afraid of Yasuo, Fizz and some other champions that go mid. Basically, each time I played, I was defensive and tried to take as less risk as possible. But, then I started playing other champions, and I learned how Yasuo works. And guess what? Not afraid of him anymore. Now I play them offensively. You probably know this already, but if you don’t:
  • Learn to play some most common champions in the league. Just by knowing how the enemy champion works, you’ll know how to counter and dominate him.
     Simply, start by playing against some bots, one or two games, watch other players perform on youtube or twitch. Then even play some normal games. Of course, you will be needing to unlock the champion for first two, or you can pick them when they are free to play.
     Now, this isn’t only just to know how to counter your opponent. This can be a real skill developing exercise. You mastered some champion’s mechanics, and now that is an effortless habit (intuition), but by playing other champions, and experimenting, you’ll get more experienced in the league and also better with your mains. Just think about it:
  • From melee champions, you’ll learn how to position yourself, when to go in, when to go out, how to move when farming.
  • From range champions, you’ll learn how to land a skillshot, how to attack – move, when to flash+spell…
…and this is only from separating melee and range. And each champion is a story for itself.
      Also, you may find a new champion you like. So experiment, and get creative. Learn from each champion something new. 🙂
     If this step was clear, go:

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