Step 4: Teamfighting

         So, you know your role in this game, and know what to do. Now, when teamfight occurs, you’ll need to start separating the phases of teamfight and act accordingly. Read each phase, watch the video and try to implement it:

Initiation phase

         Initiation usually starts with some direct/indirect spell move like Blitz’s/Thresh’s hook, Diana’s Q, Malphyte’s charge… When that occurs, assassins and ADCs stay in the back and wait for the next phase. Fighters, tanks and supports do some briefly attacking, with maybe a few spells. More in the video below.

Hit tank phase

         As it says, ADC and assassins now go in, and try to hit the tank and do dmg, but still, save spells and only position themselves so that they can be in the range of that one person. Some assassins can even flash + spells and use Zonyas, then back off and wait for the next phase.

Kill back line phase

         Tanks and fighters, can flash+spell to try to isolate ADCs from the team fight, and ofc try to kill ADC. When ADC is isolated, he can’t do damage, so all can go in, and kill the front line and push to back line.
         Of course, a lot can vary here, but make sure to understand what’s going on at each moment. Then train yourself to act accordingly. It’s a lot easy to just talk about this but try as best as you can to experiment with this information. This is more situation-to-situation type a thing. But, the more you’re familiar with this concept, the easier to dominate the teamfight.
         In this video (really follow that dude, he’s awesome), he explains the each phase, so absorb as much as you can:
         Now, of course, this can’t be mastered against bots, so you should try to play as many normals as you can only focusing on this part. Sometimes, only by thinking about it can make a difference. I mean, you already know some basic mechanics, from the previous steps, and now I think you can be able to do it this way.
        Also, a good exercise is just to watch some teamfights online (youtube, tw…).
         When you’re ready:

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