Step 3: Know Your Role

        After mastering the previous steps, you’ve already done a lot of skilling. Now it’s time to learn more about your champion’s role. Here I listed and described all the roles shortly with all the caracteristics that you should know.

1. ADC:

  • You have the most important role – doing a big and constant damage (dps);
  • Attack: your job it to hit those tanky champions and supports, then assasins and ADCs;
  • Position: you should always stay in the back of the team (always be well positioned) and in the reach of only one enemy, that you attack-move, while he focuses someone else. If that one always focuses you, wait for him to use his cooldowns before reaching you and then go in.
  • Additionaly watch this short video (also check out this guy’s channel):

2. Support:

  • Support is like an ADC that doesn’t CS, he just trade, take damage, initiate ….
  • His job is to take care of the map vision: ward and sweep the enemy’s wards,
  • Most important role is to snowball the ADC (he doesn’t take the kills),
  • He helps ADC farm and zone.

3. Jungler:

  • Snowballing the team (don’t take all the kills – share),
  • Map Vision (like support does),
  • Counter gank (countering the enemy jungler)
  • But more in these short videos (again, check out this guy’s channel):

4. Assasins:

  • Kill the squishy ones,
  • Enters the teamfight the last for easy clean, or it can flash – spell – Zhonya’s to initiate.
  • Helps zoning the enemy’s squishiest,
  • Videos:

5. Tank:

  • Initiate teamfights and stays in the front,
  • Defends the squishy teammates,
  • Avoid getting isolated from the team,
  • Can use flash + spells to “surprise” the enemy, and get to the backline (more on teamfights);

        Practice your role, and go:

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