Step 2: Laning

     This step and the one with teamfighting are the most important. With laning, you start the game, and with teamfighting, you finish it. So, pay attention now and spend as much time as you need on this!

There are a few stances, and each needs to be well performed in every game. So, let’s start with the first one:

1) The Loser Stance!

      Usually, the game starts with this stance. No one wants to risk anything. And you should always stay close to your tower! Don’t try to push or trade.. Just next 10 games, no matter what, play defensively like a pu***, I mean a loser… Use your last hitting skill or spells, to get some CS, but don’t risk and get ganked. Play safe, and avoid dying at all these 10 games, or at least dying like a fool. It’s also useful to freeze the lane as much as possible.
          This video explains it all:

2) The Trading Stance

        When your enemy laner is about to last hit the creep, step up and hit him with your basic attack. Then quickly step back away from his range, so that he can not retaliate on you. It’s a bit tricky skill, but it can be mastered.
        This is just a little bit more offensive than the Loser Stance, but don’t get too risky now. This guy knows a lot about this (subscribe to his channel, it’s awesome), so I’ll let him speak now:
        It’s a good thing that you practiced the first step (attack-move from the step 1).

3) The Trade and Push Stance

        This one is more offensive than ones before. In this one, you trade and then push as hard as you can, and crush the minion wave into enemy’s tower. Again, the video will explain more (this guy is awesome, I tell you):

4) The Zoning Out Stance

        When you dominate your opponent, you can completely push him into the “Loser Stance”, and get like super fed here, while he can’t even get to the minion. This Zoning Out stance is riskier, but it gives the highest reward – getting fed.
        Maybe it’s better to leave this one only after you’ve completely mastered the first 3. (in the previous video there were some zoning stance explanations)
* * *
        The final thing is learning when and which stance to use. Well, you’ve played at least 10 games per stance, so you should know by now, intuitionally, when to use them.
* * *
        Additionally, there are some tips you can use (and skill) for this to be easier:

Good positioning: respect the other’s player’s zones!

        This is a game of imaginations. You imagine, the area of the range around the other players, and try to “respect” them. What does this mean? Well, if you’re a support, and your ADC is behind you and out of enemy’s area of range, maybe it’s not a good idea to stun/hook/engage a 2v2. When you’re low with hp, and Katarina has ult, then go home. And the story goes on…

Attack Move

        So, as described before, attack-move is attacking, then reposition yourself, and attack again. It’s a powerful tool that’s often used by ADCs, to get away from those tanks and one-shooters. Luckily for you, you’ve been preparing this skill for this in the previous step (1).

        When you’re ready after some time, and you’ve done with this step:


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