Step 1: Last hitting

        First and the most basic step in mastering the League of Legends is getting that perfect CS (creep score). This is easy: just attack the minion when he’s on low hp to get the gold (last hit). Now, this can be a bit tricky. You need to be precise, and not hitting the dying minion too soon or too late. Also, you’re in the game, it would be useful if you can perfectly and effortlessly CS while doing the other things at the same time.

        So, let’s create an exercise here. I call this one:

The Naked CS-ing

        In this exercise, you’re perfecting:

  • the control of your champion,
  • the last hitting, and
  • the attack-move combo (attack, then reposition yourself  >> repeat).
        HOW TO – Create a solo custom game, no bots, no spells, no items (only boots), and start farming (but only last hit, don’t push the lane). While you’re farming act like you’re in the game and try as best to control your champion (like you’re kiting). Don’t just stand and wait for the creep to get to low hp. Move around, and use attacks only to kill minion! But, remember you should prioritize your last hitting, and then the attack-move.
        p.s. use spells only if there are two minions dying and hit one with your basic attack, and the other one with spell.

        PRACTICING: if you play more the one champion (role), because of soloQ, then before other practices, do 10 minutes per champion before each (practice) game. Now, if you want me to tell you something like, “practice this for 21 days” and you’ll create a habit.. well, you don’t have to… practice each day until you feel like you can’t do any better. Anyways you’ll still be the last hitting in the normals/ranked. Also, if you think that you’re really really good, nevertheless practice this step for at least a week, don’t be stubborn! 🙂

          Here is a video of me last hitting:

Ready for the next step? ok go:

Next: Step 2 – Laning >>


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