Analyze matches in league

My Match History Analysis – Ahri

With Ahri I have around 50k mastery points, and I’m going to play 100+ games with her and then I’ll see if there are some progressions … So, stay tuned and follow me on this journey! 🙂

        In this game, I was kinda terrible and also the game was.. 🙂 But, let’s get into some deep analysis:

         What I did wrong – first of all I feel like I was easy gankable and less aware of the minimap. Even though I did good with CS (was the best in my team, with only 86 CS), I didn’t control my lane very good, I was always pushing even though I knew my jungler was bad. I did trade with my opponent (Annie) but only once with autoattack, and a bit more with Ahri’s Q, but still now good enough. I feel like I wasn’t being aggressive enough with Annie, although I didn’t know what all of her spells (only the Teddy bear one). So definitely put Annie on the “To Explore Champ”- list.

         What my team did wrong – Jungler was kinda ok, but I feel like he didn’t know what jungler does (was only farming). Bot got powned (MF and Shaco) by Draven and Blitz with some help of Twitch (their jungler). They didn’t have any help from Udyr (our jungler). Top (Singed) also was dominated by Darius. So, it was doomed game.

         Their team – was really good. Annie mid was good (high CS, 7/1/6), and the player had more than 1000+ wins, like Twitch, and Darius and Draven had some less, like 800 wins, I think. So, to be fair, we were doomed!

* * * 

         What I did right – I was good at “losing lane” mentality! Never got ganked. And when I was, never died. Got, A+, Victory, and 145 CS. Not bad only by being defensive, and not risking anything. Good wording and good vision.

        What I did wrong – not much, just I wasn’t that good for an S! Only one mistake; I died trying to finish Lucian that was on low hp, but instead died, because of the other 3-4 opponents were near Lucian, and only one mine. Until he died, also and was solo then. So, need to try not to do ‘1 for 1’ type of trades. My CS wasn’t great, so more last hitting practicing!

        What my team did wrong – they were good, but there was some solo farming while we were all mid. Also, they were tanky/initiation champions. So don’t leave your ADC (Vayne), Assassins (Ahri – me) and Support (Soraka) solo mid against Blitzcrank, Galio, Aatrox, Lucian and sometimes  Olaf…

        Their team – Galio mid wasn’t so good with his skillshot, he hit me maybe like 20% of the time. Their Lucian had some good moments. They weren’t that much worse, but I think that steady and defensive, non-gankable, and not easy to die type of mentality was good against them and resulted in surrender at 30th. But, as I said, they weren’t that much of noobs, just didn’t have the good strategy, I guess.

* * *

        What I did right – another loser’s lane mentality! Was defensive, and offensive only when our jungler was ganking. In the laning phase, I was good and I managed to outplay Annie. It looks like the defensive mentality plus last hitting made me a bit smarter player. Also, I’ve noticed that I’ve increased my skillshot precision.

        What I did wrong – letting my bad jungler pull me into dying. I didn’t notice that my jungler was a bad one at first, and I let him tilt me into losing my stance and risk a bit more. I don’t say that I shouldn’t follow him, I just say I should judge the situations better.

        What my team did wrong – well, bot was feeding a bit, so that in later fazes, their ADC did some huge crit dmg. Top and jungler weren’t that much skilled or smarter, also. No teamfights, only 1v5 type of deaths.

        Their team – I managed to outplay Annie in early fazes, but then she made a quadra kill and everything went to hell. Their adc got fed, and managed to do really nice crit dmg.Their jungler was really good, ganking well, and cleaning our wards like she (Nidalee) supposed to do. I don’t remember the top, but it wasn’t important, bot and jungle did carry the game.

* * *

        What I did right – after a rough beginning, I managed to get back in the game, farm, stay focused and defend better. I noticed being able to help my team better now, staying in the back and waiting for the enemy to blow their cooldowns, and then use my chart for kata’s ult, and just clean the alive ones. This time I was a bit smarter assassin!

        What I did wrong – in the beginning, I was terrible. I don’t know what was going on with me (I did drink some beer. lol). I wasn’t last hitting well, I died a few times stupidly. Then, I started focusing more and managed to get back in the game. But still, had some mistakes and skillshot misses.

        What my team did wrong – ok top (Vayne) was feeding Kassadin and was 2/8 before the teamfights even begun. Then she returned well, but our Jungler (Gragas) was kinda ADD and weird with his play. Support was a bit drunk (as he said). so maybe Gragas gave him a bit of his… Our ADC did well and managed to pull us from early surrender. He was really good (Diamond) with Kalista.

        Their team – well they were good, but at the end, they surrendered because they were tired. So our effort was the key to win, hah… Katarina mid was good and succeeded in surprisingly killing me with ult. In the end, they didn’t punish our “weak” team, so that makes them a bit bad.

* * *

        What I did right – I think I’m really doing good with the “loser stance”. Maybe it’s well suited for Ahri. Had a good laning phase, not a lot of stupid dying. I had an OP moment: I flash-Q the Ryze for the kill. Felt so good! Was able to stay a bit “smarter” about teamfights: all-in at the right time!

        What I did wrong – had some mistakes with not going home, instead stayed there, and some bad move-deaths. I’m sure I just need to practice more.

        What my team did wrong – well they were just worse than the other team. There was no big reason to blame, just for maybe some bad jungler ganks and no tanky mentality.

        Their team – okay, they got a better team, but not so much more skilled than mine. Just had someone to tank, and ADC to clean.  I guess I’m currently biased, because of that OP “flash-Q kill” moment 😀

* * *

So, you get the point here. I’m just analyzing my games in my head but for the purpose of this blog, I’ve shown you some examples. From now on, I’m going to show you only the ScreenShots of the games so that I don’t waste my time repeating myself. People are not changing, and I’m changing slowly so no need to write about every single game. In the end, you’ll see the Graphs of my total success (K/D/A scores, CS, Win/Lose ratio.. and so on), so that you can see the effectiveness of this course. Grow strong!


* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *


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