The Big Picture

        Before we start practicing, read the short previews of each step, to get the big picture of what we want to achieve here:
        Step 1: Last Hitting (or CS-ing) – a starting skill that can be easily mastered in just one week with only 10 daily. It’s like a warm up before the game.
        Step 2: Laning – understanding stances (“the losing stance”, “the CS-ing stance”, “the trading stance”, “the pushing stance” and “the zoning stance”), and being able to change them like a pro, depending on the situation you’re in.
        Step 3: Know Your Role – a lot of players don’t know what they should do while laning or while team fighting.
        Step 4: Teamfighting – finally, you learn where to be, and what to do when teamfight occurs. By learning this, you don’t die as much and you get more kills/victories. Understanding the fazes of teamfighting is crucial for this. Most people don’t even know that there are fazes of teamfights – use that!
        Step 5: Items and Champions – learn how to counter your lane opponent. Learn items, which will help you create your own builds and know how to customize them according to your matchup.
        Step 6: Increasing Chances of Winning  – some small but powerful stuff here. Learn what wins the game and what don’t.  Learn how to dominate, get fed and snowball your team into Victory.
        Step 7: Analyze everything! – How to recognize the reasons you lost (not just because your teammates are bad), why other team lost and straightening your weaknesses.
        Step 8: Hunger for more – What’s next? Still stuck? Getting more. Learn to spot the opportunities in a short period of time, and more. Other things to master.

How To Use This Tutorial

        Some suggestions on what you should do:
  • read all the steps in one day,
  • then start from the step 1 and create your practice plan,
  • each next day, add the next step,
  • after practicing for more than two weeks, recognize the weakest skills and focus more on them.
  • each two weeks change your routines just a little bit,
  • keep practicing until you succeed.
        Hope you understood the big picture, so when you’re ready, start from the beginning:

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