Who am I and why are you here?From Silver To Diamond

        Hello, my (summoner) name is Pardinensis (and Vulpyx) and I play on EUNE server, the game we all adore –  League of Legends. I played 10 ranked games, to test my skills, and it got me in Silver II. The goal of this tutorial is to help me (and You) progress into Diamond.

How am I planning to achieve this? Well, I’m a bit of a scientist, so I decided to create this tutorial, using science. Particularly Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology. Simply put, I want to learn how to be a pro in League. Of course, first I watched some League of Legends videos, some tutorials.. etc, and I integrated all this into this tutorial.

The Science Behind This Tutorial

        Before I started this tutorial, I read some books, and this is what I’ve learned so far:
  • Chunk it – analyze each part of the game, you need to master, and create exercises for each chunk;
  • Small tweaks daily – each day try to learn and improve a bit more (better to do 10 minutes per day for 10 days, then 100 minutes in just one day);
  • Adaptive mentality – figure out what you’re doing badly, and then correct that behavior;
  • Learning curve – first it starts slowly, then exponentially and in the end, it hits the plateau (expert level);
  • Periods of accumulation – after some practice, there will be some periods of skill accumulating in your brain, causing you to do some stupid mistakes;
  • Just keep practicing – when in a period of accumulation, you need to push it through, because the next step is an effortlessly skilled phase;
  • Effortlessly skilled – when you don’t need to think about it, but you’re awesome at it;
  • It’s a habit – when you don’t need to practice it anymore, and you’re satisfied with yourself;
  • Integration – those chunks are synergistically and effortlessly working together;

        There are some other stuff out there, but for this tutorial, this is just fine.

* * *
        Additionally, you can bookmark this blog, and come back sometimes to redo or reread some of the steps (three times is optimum). Feel free to ask some questions and comment down below, like, share and spread out the word if you think that this blog is the real deal.

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