What Gets into Diamond

     On this site: you can see that you need to be in the top 98% of the players out there to be a Diamond! That’s a heavy competition. But, 99% of players don’t even know these steps, so you’re safe! 🙂

It takes some time for these tutorials to take effect. You just practice and you’ll get there. Repeat occasionally those steps and don’t get discouraged when you get stuck. Your brain didn’t forget about you, he’ll surprise you one day, and you’ll wake up like a real pro!

      So, persistence is the key!

When to play ranked?

      As you know, LoL is the integration of all skills in these steps. But, only by practicing them separately, you’ll, as I mentioned before, wake up one day fully integrated and effortlessly like a real pro!

In the meantime, you should have your own strategy for balancing ranked and practices at the same time. I use this strategy for playing ranked:

  • If I have less than 30 practices*, then after 10 practices I play one ranked for each champion (one with Ahri-mid, and then with Ezreal-ADC);
  • If I have from 30-60 practices, play 1 ranked on 5 normals; and
  • If I did more than 60 practices per champ, then I go 1 ranked on 1 normal!
* My practice, for now, is: 10 minutes of last hitting and one normal game where I focus more on laning and teamfighting.
* * *
     In the end, I only want to thank you for reading my blog, and if you want: like it, share it, G+-it with your friends, so that you can all practice together!
     Feel free to explore this blog more, and comment if you don’t understand something!

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