Dealing with toxic people

     Toxic people in League of Legends (lol of legends) are really often. Sometimes it can do a big damage to the team and also decrease the chances of winning the game.

     Now, a person can be toxic from various reasons: they play LoL all day long, and the emotions get accumulated, so they can easily burst. Without enough rest, they get easily tilted and that ruins their play. Once tilted, the next time the tilt gets even bigger. The good thing is that Riot tends to ban those players for a couple of days/weeks, and if they just rest, and resolve their inner anger, they will recover and stop being agitated easily.

See this just ridiculous example, and the Jinx was even a really good player!


     Also, if you find yourself getting angry more often than you used to, it is the time that you take some rest from lol, and try to resolve the underlying issues you might have that is not related to League. Or maybe it’s just simply playing a lot of games. Just get away from the keyboard, and maybe try to relax as much as you can.

     The good news is that this will increase your winning rate, and your overall performance in League (as in your other life activities). So, you don’t need to worry about losing the time not practicing – maybe your brain just needs to relax and update with the tasks you give him (by playing lol).

     So, you understand why we get tilted, and why we get toxic sometimes. This also happens with other players: it’s not that they play so good and others are just lame, and that’s why they become complainers instead of helpers. It’s just that they all, as you (and me) have something that they don’t do as they should do (described before). So, people just get toxic, and you shouldn’t judge them – it’s just a human nature.

     How would you deal with toxic people? The first and obvious thing to do is just to ignore them because by talking to them non-constructively, you’re pouring the gasoline on the fire! Nothing good can come out of this so treat carefully. If you do the opposite, you’ll just get tilted more all together. Another thing to do is just to try and be polite and ask nicely not to be so negative, instead, you can talk more about how to play better, to just avoid arguing, because they will not be less tilted from here – it only gets worse!

     Maybe there are more things that you could do, but I don’t think that you should try and pursue in that direction. That being said, just report that player for being toxic, and nothing more. It’s just the easiest to let him complain like a little girl, and you should stop caring much.

     Toxic people are inevitable in League of  Legends, so you should find the way how to ignore them or BELIEVE ME: THEY WILL TILT YOU DOWN WITH THEM, and you’ll start to sink like Titanic.

     Stay tuned for more interesting topics! Luv ya, and don’t get tilted! .)

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