Last Hitting

Hello again. This tutorial will help you get better at last hitting minions.

One of the basic skills you’ll be needing in League is the Last Hitting. The reason is simple: if you’re getting less minions then everyone on the map, your gold per minute will suffer. And less gold means low chances for victory. The goal here is to develop the skill of last hitting the minions until you’re getting the most minions on the map.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this goal; if you’re a Support, then you don’t focus on last hitting. Also, if there are some champions that farm a lot easier and faster, then you can’t beat them, then it’s ok. Another reason is if you have some noobs in your team that thinks that farming is more important than helping the team, also it’s acceptable to have less CS than them.

Regardless of all those exceptions, you’ll be needing to develop the skill of last hitting. How do you do it? Simple, just start a custom game, select your champion, and start using your auto attacks to last hit the minions.

*real examples are in the video:*

There are some variations you can do:

– don’t buy items, just “naked” CS-ing;
– use spells just in situations where you know you can’t hit the second dying minion;
– instead of creating a custom, create a practice mode game, and freeze your experience gains…


You can get as creative as you can but don’t overdo it.
First few days (weeks; it depends on how good are you currently at farming gold) this skill will be increasing rapidly, but the more you practice and progress, the progress will hit the ceiling. The thing to remember here is that your goal is to get better than the rest of the map, or at least better the half of them. As I said, there are some exceptions to this goal, but you should think of it as in overall goal: “I’m getting better at this skill, and also I’m having nice CS score on the map”!

That’s it for today & see you next time.




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