Intro – Unlocking Ahri – Starting a Channel

Hello everyone, Vulpyx here (Voolpyx on EUNE)!

Today is a special day: I’m buying Ahri!!
I’ve been playing League of legends for a few years now, but a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to open a dummy account, where I’ll be practicing, from the scratch, playing with Ahri, or some other champion that I want to master. And, let’s go!

*me buying Ahri:* 

Hell yeah…So, in the future, I’ll be posting some highlights of my gameplays. I will be editing my recordings, and solo focusing on the important parts of my plays. Also, you’ll be getting some tips, some tricks, some bits of advice and recommendations from me, so stay tuned.

Now, some of you will say “Oh, he’s playing with noobs, why should we watch this?”. Well, you’re partially right, but the main purpose of this account is to reprogram the patterns of my behavior and change some of those bad ones, which I think is more productive.

That’s it for now; I’ll be shooting some more videos soon; subscribe, like, share…. Also, soon there will be a website with some useful content on it, so make sure to follow my channel.

Bye and see you in a next video! Cheers!

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